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Introduction Workshop


Introduction Workshop

New Energy DNA Coaching is a new modality created by Elleke Verhoeckx.

She worked closely with the new guides, a group of cool angels to develop and expand this modality.

Read  the here story about Elleke and the new guides.


This is the first New Energy DNA Introduction workshop in English.

In this online workshop you will get the latest information about your DNA. You will get the tools to facilitate New Energy DNA Sessions for your clients. First you are going to experience a New Energy DNA Groups clearing and activation yourself.


During this online workshop you receive more information about your DNA.

Your highest potential flows through your DNA. Especially in these times old blockages can come to the surface again. This happens because you are on the road of your passion.  


When you left home eons of years ago you went through the wall of fire. 144.000 golden DNA strands where created uniquely for you to connect your soul directly to home. During your journey these strands can get blocked, torn, broken. You can clear and activate your 144.000 strands of DNA right now. With it you embody as much as is possible from your divine essence in your body. With this activation you manifest your FULL potential at earth right NOW.


You don't have to go through endless processes to let blockages go. In a simple and effective way you can let the energy flow in your DNA.


Our intention is that after this event you:

 Manifest your full potential

 Are ready to facilitate New Energy DNA Sessions with your clients


You will receive:

• The latest information from the new guides about our DNA

• A groups DNA clearing and activation yourself

• Information about 5 groups of DNA with their DNA Clearings

• Information about more than 30 DNA strands

• Tools to facilitate DNA clearings and activations with your clients

• The guide “New Energy DNA Introduction Workshop” by email in .pdf.


You will activate:


You will download:


You will embody:


You will explore:


You will manifest:


Above all you will give your life a superboost. On top of that you will receive the tools to facilitate DNA clearings and activations with your clients. This is groundbreaking.


You will receive the guide “Online New Energy DNA Introduction Workshop 1” by email in .pdf.


After your registration you will receive your personal link and password.



January 25th 2011 8.00-9.30 PM GMT+1 and February 1st 2011 8.00-9.30 PM GMT+1


You can watch both broadcasts live or later in the archive. Attendance to both broadcasts is needed to complete the entire workshop.


Registration: Go to the contactform here.


Costs: 115 euro incl. VAT



Via Triodosbank account number 198317735

or SEPA/IBANnumber: NL79TRIO0198317735


t.n.v. The Art of Ekkie Rosmalen


or by Paypal


You receive a confirmation of your registration after we received your payment.


The general conditions of the Art Of Ekkie apply to this service.

You can read and download them here

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New Energy DNA

New Energy DNA

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